Modern Cinema Group | Corporate Structure
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Corporate Structure

Modern Cinema Group (symbol: MOCI) is a publicly traded company with three divisions and a film fund based in Shanghai, China.



The company has many different divisions to focus on its varied interests, but the primary focus of the company is to develop and maintain a worldwide distribution network for film and other video that will be focused on the next generation of movie experience, via cell phone and localized wifi networks.  Each division has different focus points, but the end goal is that all the pieces add up  to a network that will not only control the distribution of previously released content  ( the Library of content),  but to also open up new ways for theatrical releases to go out the public in the future, paving the way to have direct to consumer releases with far greater returns to the distributors.

The focus of each division is outlined below:


Modern Cinema Group:

This is the main entity which is in charge of all content in the form of its libraries of movies, television and games.  It will license this content to potentially billions of people by way of a network of distribution partners (primarily mobile carriers).  A great deal of attention is placed on the user’s ability to play content on virtually any device (Mobile Phones, TVs, PCs, and Tablets).  This means special attention must be paid to mobile carriers that often struggle to deliver video content over their mobile networks.

In addition, Modern Cinema Group also manages an Alliance of Mobile Carriers and Television Operators that have an interest in co-financing the content they distribute in order to increase revenues from their valuable productions in order to reduce their overall costs of content acquisition.


MOCI Media:

Provides financing and technologies that allow older (3G and 4G) mobile networks to distribute high-resolution content by way of Multicasting using MBMS.   Newer LTE networks will use eMBMS or LTE Broadcasting.  This allows both older 3G/4G and newer LTE networks to potentially send our content to millions of user devices simultaneously.  The content titles will be stored on user’s devices to be played at a later time (On-Demand).  Such a store-and-play-later delivery model is referred to as “Pre-Positioning”

MOCI Media is already in contract negotiations with mobile carriers located around the world.


Channel Islands Systems:

Channel Islands Systems is a hardware and software engineering company dedicated to building next-generation content distribution systems that are required by Modern Cinema Group and MOCI Media.

Over the last nine years, Channel Islands Systems has developed virtually all of the systems and apps required to distribute video over Mobile, Wifi, Cable, Satellite, IPTV networks.


Channel Islands Productions:

Today, Channel Islands Productions is primarily a content licensing and aggregation company for its distribution partners, however in the future, Channel Islands Productions will be more involved in the process of creating Original Television Series, Movies, Games and Virtual / Augmented Reality Experiences.


Zunhao Film Fund:

During the summer of 2014, Modern Cinema Group opened a film (and media) financing fund within the Free-Trade Zone located in Shanghai China before these types of funds would be closed to foreign entities into the foreseeable future.

Since China is now the largest market for filmed entertainment, and media investments in China are highly attractive to the numerous funds located within China, Modern Cinema Group is well positioned to either finance or co-finance productions with Chinese entities (both private and corporate).

Modern Cinema Group plans to begin Chinese Co-Productions (referred to as “Co-Pros”) in early 2018.