Modern Cinema Group | Executive Summary
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Executive Summary

MOCI Media is a new and innovative mobile video delivery platform specifically designed for emerging market territories with significant mobile saturation, however poor cell coverage resulting in poor video quality.  As higher resolution video will soon be expected for new Virtual and Augmented Reality applications, these mobile networks will need significant upgrades to their video distribution infrastructures.  MOCI Media plans to complement mobile networks with video enhancement systems and technologies that will dramatically improve the viewing experience with no data charges being assessed to end-users.

The list of target emerging market territories is provided below:

  • Mainland China
  • Latin America
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • Eastern Europe
  • Southeast Asia

MOCI Media will also offer:

  • Large Numbers of Content Titles
  • Strong Content Encryption System and Protected Service Revenues
  • Project Financing (hardware, software and personnel)
  • Perfect “Playout” (no drop-outs or buffering)
  • Advanced Recommendation Engines linked to Social Media affinity groups
  • Contracted Celebrities to “Push” video recommendations to their fans
  • Advanced Advertising Systems
  • Programmable Multicast Carousel Technologies

The MOCI Media approach guarantees “no data charges” and “no data limits” as it employs a (one-way) Multicast video distribution strategy rather than the more common (dedicated) “Unicast” video distribution strategy.  Although Multicasting systems and technologies have been available since the early days of the Internet, few developers have understood its potential within a mobile environment.  MOCI Media’s patented approach leverages Multicasting in such a way as to solve the current-day video distribution bottlenecks while preparing for the world of 5G ahead – our new connected world.

The strategy behind MOCI Media is to Multicast (or broadcast) video (file) data to millions of people, allowing these people to filter-out the video titles they do not want.  These video titles can then be stored on user’s mobile devices so they can be played locally in an “on-demand” fashion (at a later time).  This approach significantly reduces stress on cell networks as compared to delivering dedicated (Unicast) streams, while providing a perfect “play-out” experience for high resolution media content.

This model requires adequate storage capacity on mobile devices, however storage capacities have increased exponentially over the last few years, and prices have likewise plummeted.  Therefore, the strategy of leveraging the combined power of Multicasting technologies with increased local storage allow for the service as described in this plan.  The diagram below describes the increase in mobile network speeds and the simultaneous drop in the cost of storage.  It is now time to build a new and highly efficient mobile media distribution architecture leveraging the intersection of these two phenomena.

MOCI Media offers two basic usage models as follows:

  • Downloadable Apps for Smart Phones and Tablets
  • Passenger Vehicle “Hotspots”

Users will be able to download the MOCI Media App from any App Store and enjoy the service provided by their mobile carrier.  Users will also be able to connect to MOCI Media’s passenger vehicle “Hot Spots” by way of Wifi.   Alternatively, users will be able to connect by way of more traditional Wifi connections as well.  All three of these offerings are expected to be hugely popular especially to young audiences looking to be connected at all times.

Regarding the revenue model, MOCI Media offers a free service with ads and a premium service that delivers no ads whatsoever (similar to the popular Pandora music service).

Regarding MOCI Media’s market potential, it is estimated annual revenues can exceed $1 billion world-wide by 2020 with an EBITDA of 35%.  The full financing plan is available within a separate document.

MOCI Media can also deliver “Live” video from sporting events, concerts, news services and other time-sensitive venues not to mention non-visible real-time data for future mechanisms such as Connected Cars and other connected apparatus.

Regarding its business strategy, MOCI Media will be providing three significant resources to mobile operators within emerging market territories as follows:

  1. High-Value content titles from Hollywood, independent producers not to mention regional and local producers
  2. Content Security Systems (specifically designed for Multicasting) needed to license high-value content
  3. Significant Project financing for all necessary hardware, software and media content

As part of content curation strategy, MOCI Media plans to employ local and regional celebrities (singers, actors, athletes and others) to recommend and then “push” video titles (and playlists) to their huge base of fans.  Such a service will allow users to enjoy constant streams of compelling titles without the need for extensive search and discovery.  Other recommendation resources including social media “advisors” will be provided as well.

For all of this to happen, MOCI Media must deploy small server systems installed within numerous cell towers in a given region, and optional (small) satellite receiver “dishes” for the reception of “Live” events.  Such a configuration within discrete cell towers creates what’s referred to as a Gateway, allowing a Multicast session to commence (where Multicast sessions are impossible to deliver over the open internet).  Each server and dish combination will perform the following functions:

  • Store large numbers of video content titles
  • Broadcast numerous simultaneous Multicast streams to users within the footprint of cell towers
  • Receive “Live” events from MOCI Media’s own satellite Dish
  • Splice ads into these Multicast streams in order to generate significant advertising revenues
  • Synchronize MOCI Media App with cell tower systems to provide next-generation video delivery services (Movies, TV, VR, AR, Games and others)
  • Synchronize with popular Social Media Apps and Venues
  • Synchronize the aggregated cell tower systems with a cloud-based “command-and-control” center
  • Allow alternative “On-Demand” (Unicast) delivery of titles from the MOCI Media Library

The MOCI Media model is carefully crafted to provide perfect video quality to billions of people who are prime candidates for the latest in media applications while providing resources to mobile operators and content partners; allowing them to enjoy increased subscriber satisfaction and loyalty.

Mr. Ross Cooper, the key architect of the MOCI Media system is the founder of the world’s leading content security company named Verimatrix, Inc.  Mr. Cooper was singularly responsible for incorporating Verimatrix, and defining its business model.  Along with its early pioneers, Mr. Cooper built the company to the place where it has become a leading global content security brand.  Today, Verimatrix secures 850 network operators, in 110 countries around the world.