Modern Cinema Group | The Exchange
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The Exchange


A commodities-style exchange is established to take a percentage of the equity in a given media asset, break the media asset into individual component parts (such a commodities-style contracts), and then float these contracts to potential buyers, sellers and speculators by way of offering means, methods and tools found in the world of Futures trading.

Within this process of floating these contracts, distributors are allowed to buy contracts, and if they buy a pre-determined number of contracts and hold these contracts until settlement, they will receive two benefits as follows:

  1. Exclusive or Non-Exclusive Distribution Rights within their discrete territories (depending on the number of contracts purchased)
  2. Backend equity within these media assets as defined within the contracts (allowing proportional revenues to be distributed to these same distributors.
  3. Valuable Ad Avails as provided by Platform Operators (cable, satellite, internet, IPTV, mobile etc.)
  4. Valuable Risk Management means, methods and tools