Modern Cinema Group | Our Mission
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Our Mission

Modern Cinema Group’s mission over the last ten years is to create a robust and reliable on-line infrastructure for the financing, distribution and promotion of global media titles (movies, television and games).

The business revolves around the creation and deployment of a media “Futures” exchange that will list contracts for media assets offered by producers and content owners.

This is how it works at a high level:

Producers and content owners are encouraged to include fractional equity interests in their titles (at a slightly higher cost) not to mention territorial exclusivities and even the structuring of Output Deals.
Buyers are encouraged to include advertising “Avails” as part of their payment which can be used to lower overall promotional costs.

“Futures” contracts are then created and sold into the market accordingly to facilitate the transaction. In many cases, the two sides of the deal do not even know “Futures” contracts are being used.

This high degree of integration offered by the Modern Cinema Group model attempts to reduce costs (relating to inefficiencies) by an estimated 40%, and then re-direct these dollars back to producers who are eager to release their upcoming titles.

The Modern Cinema Group model is ambitious (to say the least) but it brings a global “Futures” exchange to the media market along with enough technology and Intellectual property to make a difference.